Amazing Maglev Blog Post

 An  improvement me and my partners made is we did the same pattern we did on the  track on the bottom of the train. Another improvement me and my partners made was we had to flip over the magnets because the magnets attracted and did not repel. The last improvement me and my partners made is we put disk magnets above the strip magnets to make the train float higher and it worked.

The track had strip magnets along the sides and then we put disk magnets on top of the strip  magnets. The train had two short strip magnets on the side and that made it float higher. Also we made it so the train matched the track. Also our design repels from north and north poles and not the south and south poles.

In the process I learned that working with a group is better because everyone has an idea and if one fails you can use the other one. Working with a partner is good because sometimes the magnet flips over when you put it down but a partner can hold it. The last good thing about having a partner is you can combined ideas to make a better one.             


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