Maglev Transportation System!

I am going to tell you in this blog how our maglev train succeeded. When we were done with the maglev system for the first time and we tested it  it did not work. Some improvements we made were we took out the middle track and only used the side tracks. The problem with the middle track was it was making the cart to heavy so it would not levitate. Another improvement we changed was putting only one layer of magnets on the cart. We did this improvement because it was not floating high.

When we were done with the track and train the track had 3 layers of strip magnets on the sides but not in the middle. Our train had to little strip magnets then we tested it and it was not floating high so we put an even smaller one on top of the medium strip magnets. I think this train was successful  because it did not have a lot of weight on it.

When I did the maglev train it was hard at the beginning being in a group because two people wanted to do one thing and another two people wanted to do another thing. But at the end we sort of figured it out we had to agree on different things to make it work.


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