Maglev system blog post

Did you know that in my class we worked on a maglev transportation system?  Well, our whole class was split into groups of three. In each group all 3 kids would work together to create a good plan. With this plan we would try to make a piece of foam levitate. On the piece of foam was going to be a cup and in that cup each group was going to put marbles.  I think my group did really well. I think this because our maglev train was able to hold 42 marbles and it probably could have held a few more marbles. But we stopped it because it started to get a little heavy. We improved are maglev system by putting the ring and disc magnets under the strip magnets and put one big strip magnet on the left and right. After that we put a magnet on each corner of the foam and then we put a little amount of tape. So when we tested to see how many marbles it could hold it levitated very high. I think this plan worked because we made the vehicle (foam) lighter so it was able to levitate higher.                                                                                                                                                                                                          I didn’t really like to work with partners because I think it would of been better because you can use your intelligence to help yourself build a maglev transportation system yourself.  Also you can learn more by building it yourself because you wouldn’t have people helping you so you can keep testing and learn how to use magnets correctly.

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