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Making A Maglev Transportation System

I have completed the ask, imagine, plan, create and now I am on the improve station. I made a few improvements, I made a final track and I learned a lot from this process.

One of the few improvements was that we  needed 3 long strip magnets and three short strip magnets. For the track I lined up 1 long strip magnet at both of the edges of the box, and 1 long strip magnet in the middle of the box. For the vehicle we needed three short strip magnets. 1 short strip magnet on the both edges of the vehicle and 1 short strip magnet in the middle of the vehicle. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. We realized that it didn’t work because, the middle magnet on the track was not exactly lined up with the other middle magnet on the vehicle. Which caused it not to levitate.

The final vehicle and track was easy to make. But it didn’t come to us for a very long time.  My final track needed 2 long strips and 2 short strips. For the final track, I needed to put 2 long strips on both edges of the track. So for the vehicle I used 2 short strips on the sides to match. Then I tested it out. Guess what, it worked. I thought and thought why this vehicle and track  was successful and finally I knew. The track and vehicle had to be lined up so it could repel easily. This design held 14 marbles. I was impressed.

During the process I learned a lot. I learned about maglev trains. Maglev trains have to match the poles of the track so that it will float in the air. I also learned that the real Maglev Train would not be able to float unless something was holding it, just like the box was holding my Maglev Train. I learned about the Engineering Design Process and how it’s used. First comes the ask process. Then comes the imagine, the plan, create and improve. I learned that when you work with a group they might help you understand something you don’t know. Or something you knew about the wrong way. I personally think that when you work with a group you have more minds to get to work. All around you have people to help you.

To conclude, making final  improvements and designing our track. Furthermore, learning, contributing and understanding the process of the E.D.P. is really important. Maybe someday you will construct your own Maglev Transportation System. Be sure to work with someone.


Fantastic Friendly Family

        Did you know how much your family loves you and cares for you? I am grateful for my family  because of the affection, time and the heart they give me. The first reason I am grateful for my family is because, they give me so much affection.  For example, when my mom comes home the first thing she will do is come and play games and help me on work. Another reason is the time they give for me. For example, before my dad goes to work he will talk to me about his life as a doctor. The last reason is how much more thoughtful my family has made me. To elaborate, when my brother comes home from school he will make sure I am joyful and make sure I get a lot of kisses. To conclude, they bring me love, minutes and more meaning in my life today. What are you thankful for?

Super Scientist

“Hello,” said Mr. Line he came in our classroom in the morning at 9.30  as a special presenter for us so he could teach us about energetic electricity. But there were a few rules we had to follow they were… don’t touch anything that we were not told to touch, and always have fun.

“Everyone to the rug,” called Mr. Line. He showed us a little black thing and he said do you think the connection will work with a pickle and the electricity running through it. Most people in our class thought no but I thought and thought and remembered that water water can flow through salty water. He tried to do it, guess what… it worked. He also said that it could flow through salty water hey isn’t that what I thought? We were assigned a partner so we could experiment with a light bulb. I was assigned with Griffin. We were the first people to finish the experiment. Then with the help of Taylor and Marcos we got to fix two light bulbs full speed just using our heads. Now was exciting part I got to touch a disco light he said,

“These little, I mean really little things are electrons that are shooting out onto our body’s.” Finally he said,

“The last thing we are going to do is make an electroscope and were going to take it home, So this is how you make it, first you need a cup a small piece of tinfoil and a piece of paper and one paper clip, you put it together put electrons on it and watch the tinfoil split apart.”

“Bye everyone,” he said “maybe i’ll come tomorrow, bye.”

It was a fun morning I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Careful Cursive

Okay class” Mrs. Badurski said, “today we are learning cursive, the letters c, a, g and d.” I was humming to myself, but I was startled out of my song as I realized the message. Oh no! I thought as a shiver went down my back. There were worms in my mouth and I didn’t know what to do. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN IN CURSIVE BEFORE!!! I gulped as I sat in my seat. My heart raced as I opened my book. Then … I did it, it was pure handwriting. I was amazed. I looked at it very closely, my eyes opened wide my mouth made an o shape, my letter was perfect. My dream was true, I could write in cursive. I quickly finished the rest and then showed it to Mrs. Badurski. She was proud, I was proud. Then while I was putting it away the strangest thought came to me…. am I really good at cursive or was it just one letter that I was extremely good at? I wonder if you know, do you?