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I’m grateful for my Family

I’m grateful for my family because they make me happy, they play with me, they help me. The first reason I’m grateful for my family is because they make me happy. For example every morning they tell me funny stories about when they were in school. Another reason I’m grateful for my family is because they play with me. For example sometimes they jump on the trampoline with me and play and play jumping tag. The last reason I’m grateful for my family is because every day after I come home from school they sit at the kitchen table and help me with my homework. To conclude, they make me glad, we have fun together, they spend time with me. Who are you grateful for?

Amazing Bar Modeling

In 3rd grade you learn how to do bar modeling. When you do bar modeling you might have to do adding or subtracting, that’s because it doesn’t always come right to your head. When you draw bar models you are going to use a lot of lines. Bar models kind of look like bars.  I know it sounds weird,  but it does not look weird. I like bar modeling. I think bar modeling is fun because instead of just doing adding or subtracting you can make it a little more complicated. I also like bar modeling more than mental math because instead of just using lines you can use lines and adding or subtracting. I like adding and subtracting so much because I think it’s fun. I think it is fun because you use a lot of numbers.


Amazing Cursive

In 3rd grade you learn to write cursive. When you write cursive you have to know how to bump the lines. If you can’t bump the lines you can’t write cursive. You can’t write cursive because in cursive the letters always have to stick together. That’s why you can’t write cursive without bumping the lines. 


In 3rd grade I learned how to write cursive. The first 4 letters I learned a, c, d was and after that g. I couldn’t believe it, “I’m not good at cursive,” I said in my mind. Then our teacher Mrs. Badurski told the table master to get the handwriting books. “What should I do?” I said in my mind after a few min it was the end of the day. I went on the bus, “This was better than I thought” I said.