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My Cape Cod Family Trip Tradition

Do you have any family trip traditions? I do! Every year my family takes a trip to Cape Cod. I am grateful for my family going to Cape Cod every year because we play games, we go to beaches and ponds, and we get to do this all with my cousins! The first reason I am grateful for my family going to Cape Cod every year is we play really, really fun games. For example, every year we have a 1,000 piece really hard jigsaw puzzle, with new fun themes on it every year, last year the theme was ice cream. We also go to deep, shallow, long, short, big,small,  far, wavy, come oceans and ponds! For example, we either go to Gulf, Long, or Great pond. We go to the ocean to but we rarely swim we rarely swim in the ocean because of the sharks! And to add on we do all of it with our cousins! For example we have sleepovers with them and go with them to beaches and ponds. I’m glad me and my family and I can make all these memories in Cape Cod!

Winning Word Study!

Every week we get new words that we study. Each Friday we get a quiz, with a partner. But here is  what happens between Monday & Friday. First on Monday we get words to study with a partner then we write it  down in our notebooks.Then on Tuesday we pick something from are spelling menu which is a list of all the stuff we can do.. Oh and did I mention that Mrs. Badurski leaves what we’re doing on the smartboard. We do the same thing as Tuesday on Wednesday and Thursday. But then it was Friday. Mrs Badurski said,”

” It’s time to take the quiz, so get with your partners.”

So every Friday we get a quiz with all the words we get on Monday.  

 And that’s really it for what I mainly want you to know about my ( Winning Word Study! )


Reading Like Gold! , Not like a curmudgeon!

In school we are learning about how to read like gold not like a curmudgeon! We even take post-its about what’s happening in the books we’re reading! We also learned that a good reader reads with expression.

But a person who reads like a curmudgeon reads with no expression. Think about it this way, if you were trick or treating on Halloween and you came to someone’s house and they said “ Go Away!” They are a curmudgeon. At least that’s what I think.

And that’s pretty much what I learned about ( Reading Like Gold! , Not Like a Curmudgeon! )