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maglev transportation system

Our group had many problems through process. First we had to check what poles the magnet was on. When we figured that out we put two strip magnets on two sides and and we did the same thing on our vehicle. But that did not work so Mrs.Badurski said to put more weight on the track and that got it to levitate on the strip magnets. Also she said to use a bar magnet to see if they were on the right poles and if they weren’t then flip the magnets which took a very long time.

Our final track had two strip magnets on both sides and disc magnets on top of the strip magnets and ring magnets on in the middle of the track. Also the bottom of  our train we used two strip magnets that we cut so it lined up with the track which made it levitate. I think it was successful because we got marble to levitate on the train we also got it to go all the way to the other side of the track with a teeny push.

I learned how to make magnets repel and attract and I even learned a lot about my partners .I learned that maglev trains float by repelling and I Learned that England and Germany are fighting for the fastest maglev train that can still be efficient. I learned that in a team everybody has a very special position in the group and if you leave someone out your train won’t be as good than it could if you included everybody.

Be Thankful For What You Have

Be thankful for the people in your life. I am thankful for my brothers because they always have my back,My brothers always have my back and look out for me. For example when I was going to my bunk and I was really nervous they stayed with me at my bunk until I felt comfortable. Another reason is they always make stuff more interesting for me and make it really fun for example example they made a scooter race in my house to a race track in my front yard and put me at the finish line. Another  reason is they always make time to play with me. To elaborate I used to be able to just be lazy and now I can play and be more active. To conclude there are so many ways I am grateful for my brothers loving,affection,joy.

Cursive Writing

What’s cursive? Cursive is a fancy way to write and it is how grown ups write. When you write in cursive all the letters must touch the top and bottom line and if it is sloppy you should probably do it again. Also  you might think it’s hard at first, one time I was learning the letter e and I just did not get It. I kept trying but I could not do it but then I looked at the instructions and I got the hang of it. So it might seem hard but take my advice keep trying because when you try you can do anything. Also people write cursive for parents or friends or if it’s your home work but never do cursive to show off .Most people get interested in  cursive really fast so be a good friend and don’t ignore them help them and you will make a new friend.If you ignore people you won’t get any friends and if you get nervous don’t be afraid to ask a friend.





Don’t Read Like a Curmudgeon

When you read you should read with expression and with lots of feeling. Another way to say it is read like its gold reading like it’s something really special to you. Don’t read like a curmudgeon a curmudgeon is someone that reads with no feeling and no expression. If you read like a curmudgeon no one will like to read with you. Also if you read with expression people would like you to read to them and they will like to read with you. Also, every time you read like a curmudgeon, when you get to a hard word you won’t try to sound it out you will just say it really bad. When I first started reading this is what I said and did. “Oh no,” I thought, “I’m not going to know any of the words, I’m going to get embarrassed. When we started I calmed down and I knew every word.So don’t read like a curmudgeon.