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The Amazing Transportation System

My group has finished the ask,imagine,plan, and create stages and now we are on the improve stage.The improvements that I made to the train were improving the design and also improving the track. We improved the track by taking out the middle strip because we couldn’t fit two rows of ring magnets in between on strip magnet in the middle and one on each side of the box. So we took out the middle strip magnet so that we could fit two rows of strip magnets.

Our groups final train and track were had two strip magnets on each side because we had a problem with the magnets earlier. The problem was that the magnets were not facing the same sides and poles so we tried to fix it but we ran out of time so our final design was the strip magnets. The final design of our transportation system was less complicated and less hard to build but it did cary marbles and miss badurski said that if it carried at least a marble, and it still levitated, it would count as being successful, our group carried eight marbles.

I learned from the process that it is okay to mess up because you can always improve the design and you can always make it better. I learned that maglev trains levitate and can go very fast. I learned that the E D P helps you build the transportation system and help improve a design if you need to. When you work in a group, everyone has ideas for building the transportation system. More ideas, the better.

It’s Important To Care For Other People

        It’s important to care for your amazing family because they care about you and what you do.I am grateful for my sister, mom, and dad because they take care of me, give me affection, and when my mom and dad take my sister and I on super fun trips. The first reason I am grateful for my sister, mom, and dad is because they take care of me. For example, every morning , my mom wakes me up and packs my lunch cause of my allergies. My second reason is because,my parents stop what they’re doing to play board games with me and give me so much love so I can grow up to be a good parent to my kids. My last reason is because my dad makes the money to go to California to go skiing. To conclude, my family takes time for me and give me so much affection. What are you thankful for?

Stone Fox

“OK everybody,it’s time to go to the rug”Mrs Badurski exclaimed.“Were going to finish Stone Fox.”   

“YAY!!”the class everybody got on the rug and found a good spot to sit where they would not talk. We were on the last part of the book and Mrs Badurski said that if the class had time, we could finish the book.

“Searchlight sprang forward with such force that Little Willy couldn’t hang on.” Mrs Badurski read.When we got to almost the end just when Mrs Badurski read a sad part at the end of the book and this is what she read.

“Go,Searchlight! Go!Little willy cried.She was a hundred feet from the finish line when her heart burst.”

“NNOO!!” the class moaned,and then the story was over. After that, Mrs Badurski said to turn and talk with your partner.After that we had to write a little summary about the end of the book.The class said that they were so sad that searchlight died but Mrs Badurski said that it was a good ending and if the author didn’t put that part, what would he replace it with?The ending still solved everything.

The Development Of Third Grade :)

It all started with third grade reading. Mrs Badurski was starting to teach the class the reading development strategies. She read a book called Third Grade Angels to the class. She taught the class, when you read, don’t read like a curmudgeon, but to read like gold.  She also taught the class that sometimes when you are doing a book response you want to make a little summary of what just happened.This  is really useful if you are having trouble.                                      

It was cursive that we started after reading.Mrs Badurski taught the class some strategies for cursive. She taught us how to sky write(which means to write the word in the air to get a hang of it). She also taught the class that if you are having trouble,It’s okay because practice makes perfect.

The last thing I wanted to mention is about writing.Oh my gosh, you don’t know how amazing Mrs. Badurski is at giving good strategies. She taught the class to put detail, dialog, emotions, showing not telling and so many more creative and great strategies.