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My Farm

I am thankful for my farm for many reasons. I am thankful for my farm because provides me lots of food. I am also grateful for my farm because there is lots of room to play, and last, it let’s me help my mom and dad. The first reason I am thankful for my farm is that it provides me with food like fresh fruits and vegetables. Every day for dinner, we eat food from our farm. Another reason I am grateful for my farm is that is gives me a lot of space to play. For example, I have room to play a lot of games I enjoy, like soccer and basketball. The third reason I am thankful for my farm is that I get a chance to help my mom and dad run it. For example, I get to help people to their cars and help my parents work. I am thankful that living on a farm lets me have a good life. 



Writing is super you can write anything; Minecraft,sports,Legos,stories!!!! You can write something that is true or false!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Writing is good for you it exercises your hands. Wow I did not know that? It also helps you in school!!!!! How does it help you in school??? When you write you learn new words. So keep on writing!!

THE END                                                                                        oh and my name is john…………