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My Maglev Transportation System ! By: Kayla Fieldston Blog post #4

My partners and I have worked on the MagLev system for a long time building and creating and all the MagLev steps. And it was fun so  have fun learning!


One of the problems my group and I faced is too much tape. At first we had a little tape then  the tape was not holding the magnet steady so we decided on the car to put more tape. So we put more tape on and then we didn’t think it would float over the track because it was to heavy with all the magnets and tape. We tested it and it did not work it was to heavy so we ended up having for the track was two long strip magnets and they went on the sides and the car the same we cut two little strip magnets from the big ones and we taped them to the sides to like the track. My final track that I made was two strip magnets taped on to the paper. And for final car my 2 partners and I cut little strip magnets up, and we did two of the little  strips and we taped them on the sides just like we did for the track. I think this worked because It floated over the track and we kept on putting marbles on top of the cup that was on the car with the car over the track floating over the track and pushing it and seeing if it would float and it did we got 28 marbles in the cup. 

I have realize that working with partners has helped me, I don’t know how I could do it by myself. For example, If I had to do it by myself then it would be hard because I would never finish and my partners sometimes give me tips and help me. 

One thing I learned from this Engineering design process is  to never put a lot of tape on because it makes it to heavy.And to not put a lot of magnets too because that also makes it heavy.

Another reason why I like to have partners is because you don’t have to do it all on your own so it makes it easier for you.

    What are Repel and Attract ? Attract is when it comes to the thing and Repel is when it pushes away from it.I hope you enjoyed my blog post hope you had fun reading it !

I Am Thankful For My Mom And Dad

I am thankful for my mom and dad because they love me, they play  games with me and they take us on special trips. The first reason I am grateful for them is because they show me that they love me. For example, they read stories to me and on weekends they let my sisters and I come in their bed. The second reason I am grateful for my family is that they play with me. For example, my dad practicing playing softball with me. Another reason is they take my sisters and me on trips. For example, my 2 sisters, Samara and Skylar, and I are going to Disney World next Wednesday. Also, my grandparents have a house in Florida that we go to often. So you think of reasons to be thankful for your mom and dad too!

Amazing Books

 Hi, my name is Kayla and I have some amazing books for you: Third Grade  Angels, Stone Fox, The Book with No Pictures, Ralph Tells A Story, The Zack Files,  My Weird School, Cam Jansen, Horrible Harry and Stella Batts. .

Stella Batts is an 8 year old girl. Her family owns a candy store.  Third Grade Angels is about a boy.  He is in third grade and he wants to earn a halo first.  In his school, he says first graders are called “babies,” second graders are called “cats,” third graders are called “angels” and fourth graders are called “rats.”The Book With No pictures is so funny and all the other books are great.