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maglev blog post

The improvements that we made to our train was, we made the magnets on the train look the same as the track so our cart had two strip magnets on the side and the same with the track so it would float better because it would be lined up because before it was not lined up.

Our final track happened when Nash said, “We should put more strip magnets on our track to make the force stronger.” so we did that and then it floated 3 more inches and when we put a cup with 36 marbles inside. I think it worked because because we lined the cart and the track together and because we put more strip magnets so it made the force stronger.

What I learned about maglev trains is that if they are not floating it is because: the magnets can be facing the wrong way or because the magnets’ force is not strong enough. I also learned that EDP, Engineering Design Process helps because at first i didn’t think that it would help that much, but it did because if we didn’t have it well… we would be lost. Lost completely because we would be going in the wrong order. For example, we may have started building without working through our plan.

I think working with a group helps you a lot because when you work with a group you will all have different ideas but when you put all your ideas together it makes it be one super good idea. Because look what Nash did! He made the train repel more, and  if we did not have Nash, we would never be able for the cart to hold 36 marbles. So it is helpful to work with a group.


my dog

I am grateful for my dog, Rocky,  because when I don’t want to want to wake up my dog makes sure I do, he plays with me and cares for me. The first reason I am grateful for my dog is when I just can’t wake up he wakes me up. For example, today when my mom told me to wake up my dog came in my room and woke me up in a fun way by licking my hand and tugging it. The second reason I am grateful for my dog is when I am bored and can’t find any fun my dog comes in and I start to play with him. We play fetch and tag. The third reason I am grateful for my dog is when I say “help” and play dead he always runs to me and licks me. This is why Rocky is a big part of me. What are you thankful for?

Typing club

Now!? Yes!” I said.

Today was the day I was going to start Typing club! Then, Mrs.Badurski said,                               “Ok class get your chromebooks

’’I walked to my chromebook and opened it and went to Typing club and started. I soon, learned home row and how my fingers go to other keys and that f and j have bumps so you know where the home row is. Typing club is good because, if you know the home row you know  that it is faster than  pecking. And it teaches you the right muscle memory. And typing faster means you can save time. And that’s why I think that Typing club is so great. So get Typing club! and it’s free! Thank you for reading this blog and remember keep typing! 🙂


You will think that cursive is hard, and I did not expect to be saying this, but it is not, and it is       F U N! You should do it because it is good for letters and for for fancy writing. It is also one step to being an adult. Now I will show you all the cursive letters below, I will tell you why I am writing this, for people that do not want to do writing in cursive.I would say when I was smaller ‘’how come everybody can do cursive and I can’t?”  and the trick is to practice! trust me!!! If you want more info go to the library or get a cursive spelling book. thank you for  reading! 🙂