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My Family

I’m grateful for my family because they are funny, they make me happy, and they help me. The first reason is they make me laugh. For example, they tell funny stories about my brothers and me when we were younger, like the time when I fell into a toilet. Another reason I am thankful for my family is that they make me really happy. For example, they make me happy by bringing me to fun places like Montauk and California. My brothers also spend a lot of time playing football with me. The third reason I am thankful for my family is they help me. For example, sometimes my brothers quiz me on math facts and my parents help me practice division.

Slappy Book

I was at the book fair looking at books with my mom.I was looking at books come along a book it’s slappies evil twin brother.When i open it i read like two chapters of slappies evil twin it was one of the best books ever.I red up to where somebody is making slappies evil twin the villagers came to the house and started looking around the house and they found the doll on a table the villagers said we will take your doll named snappy and the person was begging them not take there doll snappy the gardeners were holding him back and slappies dad was a movie star in Hollywood.Snappy is bad because he doesn’t have any friends later in the book snappy tries to make friends.

Writing Cursive and Writer’s Notebook

In third grade you learn cursive and it’s hard at first. Then later in the year you get better at it. in cursive you learn letters and words and sentences. And in fourth grade all you write is cursive. So you learn a lot of cursive in third grade and you’ll get better and better at cursive. I was scared to write cursive i was doing bad i kept erasing then i got better at cursive and now i’m better at it.

You also write notebook entries about what you do over the week and summer. Now now i’m good at writers notebook entries like moments like birthdays or like when you won a game you can also write about parasailing or cool and fun things.Or like fun trips and adventures like going to Puerto Rico.The end