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Amazing Maglev Blog Post

 An  improvement me and my partners made is we did the same pattern we did on the  track on the bottom of the train. Another improvement me and my partners made was we had to flip over the magnets because the magnets attracted and did not repel. The last improvement me and my partners made is we put disk magnets above the strip magnets to make the train float higher and it worked.

The track had strip magnets along the sides and then we put disk magnets on top of the strip  magnets. The train had two short strip magnets on the side and that made it float higher. Also we made it so the train matched the track. Also our design repels from north and north poles and not the south and south poles.

In the process I learned that working with a group is better because everyone has an idea and if one fails you can use the other one. Working with a partner is good because sometimes the magnet flips over when you put it down but a partner can hold it. The last good thing about having a partner is you can combined ideas to make a better one.             


Great Grandmother

I am thankful for my great grandmother because we spend holidays together, she is an amazing artist, and she makes an effort to see me. The first reason I am grateful for my great grandmother is that she makes holidays special for me. Every year me and my family go to Florida and we get to visit my great grandmother, and eat thanksgiving dinner at different restaurants. Another reasons I am thankful for my great grandmother is that she is an amazing artist and once I saw all of her art stuff They even hang her artwork in the lobby of her apartment. I also get to visit her art studio. The third reason I love my grandmother is because she makes an effort to see me. For example, she even got an apartment in New York so she could spend more time with me.                               

Amazing Math Book

“Take out your math workbooks.” said my teacher during the first week of school. We had never used the math books before. I wrote my name on my book. I took a deep breath and I gulped. Then I opened the book. When I started doing it it was easy then it got harder and harder. We have done topics like place value, rounding, mental math strategies, and bar modeling. So far the easiest topic has been place value because all you have to do is put numbers in the correct places and know what they are worth. The most difficult part has been bar modeling because you have to draw and label models and sometimes they require two steps. Here are some numbers that I am able to add mentally after our work on that topic

1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8 8+8=16 16+16=32 32+32=64 64+64=128 128+128=256 256+256=512 512+512=1,024 1,024+1,024=2,048 2,048+2,048=4,096 4,096+4,096=8,192 8,192+8,192=16,384 16,384+16,384=32,768 32,768=32,768=65,536. That is a big number and it all started with 1+1!


Cursive Crusher

It was the day before our teacher said “ tomorrow we will learn cursive”. I was so excited to learn cursive. Later the next day my teacher said “ get out the cursive books. I have waited for my whole life. When I opened the book I thought it would be hard. The next one or two days I started to get the hang of it and it was easy. The easiest ones for me are “c” “p” “h” “a” “e” and “g”. But the easiest for me is “c”. Cursive is when you don’t take your pencil off the paper.