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Maglev Transportation System!

I am going to tell you in this blog how our maglev train succeeded. When we were done with the maglev system for the first time and we tested it  it did not work. Some improvements we made were we took out the middle track and only used the side tracks. The problem with the middle track was it was making the cart to heavy so it would not levitate. Another improvement we changed was putting only one layer of magnets on the cart. We did this improvement because it was not floating high.

When we were done with the track and train the track had 3 layers of strip magnets on the sides but not in the middle. Our train had to little strip magnets then we tested it and it was not floating high so we put an even smaller one on top of the medium strip magnets. I think this train was successful  because it did not have a lot of weight on it.

When I did the maglev train it was hard at the beginning being in a group because two people wanted to do one thing and another two people wanted to do another thing. But at the end we sort of figured it out we had to agree on different things to make it work.


My Mom Is A Big Part Of My Life!!

I am grateful  for my mom because she will wake me up for school, takes me shopping and take me to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. The first reason I am grateful for my mom is because she is nice when she wakes me up for school. For example, she lets my dog come in and likes me on the face. The next reason I am grateful for my mom is she takes me  shopping. For example she takes me shopping for new clothes in the spring. We pick out a lot a lot of different clothes that we both love. Also, I am grateful when my mom takes me to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. We do fun things like make gingerbread houses with two of my cousins. To conclude, my mom is special to me because she helpful and kind.  What are you grateful for?




Lola Levine Book!!!!

“Today it’s the book fair!” Mrs.Badurski said in an excited voice.

“Yay” I shouted. We started walking down the stairs to the library. My heart was pounding! There were so many books to choose from. First I thought, “I remember  what book I wanted, it’s Lola Levine.  I was so excited to read it because it sounded so good in the book talk and I wanted to find out what happens next. Let’s go find it I said to myself. I couldn’t find  the book so I asked  Mrs.Byrns where is the Lola Levine book and Mrs. Byrns showed me where the Lola Levine bookis. We went to the classroom for people  to read their books  i was the most exited ln my class t o read my book.  I could not wait to read it.i Started to read it it was the best book ever. I hope you might  read it one day. I’m  not kidding it’s  the best book ever.

The Amazing Word Study

In word study we do lots of things. We have word study notebooks. And every week we have a different word study sort.We have to study the words on our sorts Because on Friday we have quizzes on our words.We sort are paper words in the right category To help us study. We have a spelling menu with things like this; waterfall words, ABC, and write it right. So those are some things that are on the spelling menu and to help us study. I love word study, it is so fun. My favorite part about word study is the menu with all the activities.Word study is to help you learn  words you need to work on. Maybe someday you can try word study!Word study is so much fun!