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XOXO Family

It is important to be thankful for your family because they love you more than anything.The first reason why I am grateful for family because they cheer me up. For example, When I’m sad they hug me and kiss me.The second reason why I am grateful for my family is because they think about what would make me happy. For example, they play Monopoly or a storytelling game with me and they made me have my own room for privacy. The third reason I am thankful for my family is because they look out for me. For example, if my big brother bothers me by waking me up in the middle of the night, he is in trouble. To conclude, I am grateful for my family because they want me to have joy, fun, my own space, and they don’t want me to be annoyed. i   

Typing Club

I was very, very, VERY excited for Typing Club.

                       “Take out your chromebooks!” Mrs.Badurski (3B) said. I took out my chromebook. And everybody else took out their chromebooks too.

                        “Today we will do Typing Club.” Mrs.Badurski (3B) said. I did great and I was on the fun facts about animals, different types of objects and etc.

                            “WOW! Toby, you went that far on Typing Club?!” Mrs.Badurski (3B) asked.

                               “Yup.” I replied. “I was sick but I did Typing Club at my house a LOT!” THE END



Writing cursive, Stuff I like and Tips as a reader

Hi! My name is Toby and I am in 3rd grade and I’m learning cursive. I like cursive because it is easy  to write. I’m a huge fan of cursive. I hope you like it too! Also it looks beautiful. I love 3rd grade A LOT! I like writing print too. As a writer, I love writing. As a reader I read like gold, not a curmudgeon! And also I have a best friend. I love Minecraft and I have a Minecraft after school club. But DON’T ever read like a curmudgeon. I was ready for cursive.We learned a,d,g,h,t and p. My handwriting was beautifulTHE END

I love 3rd Grade and Cursive.