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Captain Underpants

 i am reading a great book in the Captain Underpants series. I usually love Dave Pilkey’s books because they are about funny robots and aliens who do funny things. One is called Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A- Lot. The P.E teacher built a robot that gives off a gas the makes kids love school. The series is funny because Captain Underpants always does funny things like the time when he slapped the mime in the face because he thought he was saving him from being stuck in a box.. This part was even in the movie and it was just as funny as it was in the book.


Creature Teacher

 “Time to go to the book fair” said Mrs.Badurski. So we walked down the steps and we went into the library most of us saw our parents. I saw my mom but not my dad. Our librarian Ms.Byrnes recommended six books for third grade and I am in third grade. One of the books are Creature Teacher and Ms. Byrnes also said that all of the recommended books are near each other. So the first book I saw was Creature Teacher, there were only two Creature Teacher books left. So after I saw the book I took my mom’s hand and pulled her to the bookshelf and I did it! I got the book Creature Teacher!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Yes, I got it!” I said to myself. Also I forgot to mention that Ms. Byrnes our librarian read like the first chapter and then explained about the books that she recommended. The book fair was almost over and I bought my books so I went to the stairs because our classroom is really close to the stairs and there are two chairs next to the stairs so me and mom sat down and I opened up my Creature Teacher book and my mom opened up a book that she loved as a kid. So I didn’t read the first chapter because I already told you that my librarian Ms. Byrnes read like the first chapter of every book she recommended. So chapter two is called rule two and the first sentence in chapter two was Click Click Click Click…Bang! I was so shocked that was like the experiment and craziest  sentence ever and I know that weirdest and craziest are not words. Also when Ms. Byrnes talked about the book she said that the kids think he is nice but the kids do not know when there teacher gets mad or sad he turns into a monster that is ugly and creepy and super scary and I also wonder if the kids find out something bad will maybe happen to the kids and what if the kids also what if the kids say to the principle that when they’re teacher gets mad or sad that he turns into a big and ugly and super scary monster that is super mean. Also don’t forget that there are rules in the school so when he is happy or any other emotion that is not mad or sad and everyone is having a super time they can get caught breaking one of the rules in class and I think that Jake’s well the main character’s class could end up like pushing, shoving, and loud giggling. That is what happens if you get  caught breaking the rules  well that is your punishment if  you break the rules. So far in Creature Teacher well me reading Creature Teacher has been so funny and awesome I can’t wait to read more. I hoped you enjoyed reading my blog post and I hope you think it is good.





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Stone Fox

“OK everybody,it’s time to go to the rug”Mrs Badurski exclaimed.“Were going to finish Stone Fox.”   

“YAY!!”the class everybody got on the rug and found a good spot to sit where they would not talk. We were on the last part of the book and Mrs Badurski said that if the class had time, we could finish the book.

“Searchlight sprang forward with such force that Little Willy couldn’t hang on.” Mrs Badurski read.When we got to almost the end just when Mrs Badurski read a sad part at the end of the book and this is what she read.

“Go,Searchlight! Go!Little willy cried.She was a hundred feet from the finish line when her heart burst.”

“NNOO!!” the class moaned,and then the story was over. After that, Mrs Badurski said to turn and talk with your partner.After that we had to write a little summary about the end of the book.The class said that they were so sad that searchlight died but Mrs Badurski said that it was a good ending and if the author didn’t put that part, what would he replace it with?The ending still solved everything.

The Development Of Third Grade :)

It all started with third grade reading. Mrs Badurski was starting to teach the class the reading development strategies. She read a book called Third Grade Angels to the class. She taught the class, when you read, don’t read like a curmudgeon, but to read like gold.  She also taught the class that sometimes when you are doing a book response you want to make a little summary of what just happened.This  is really useful if you are having trouble.                                      

It was cursive that we started after reading.Mrs Badurski taught the class some strategies for cursive. She taught us how to sky write(which means to write the word in the air to get a hang of it). She also taught the class that if you are having trouble,It’s okay because practice makes perfect.

The last thing I wanted to mention is about writing.Oh my gosh, you don’t know how amazing Mrs. Badurski is at giving good strategies. She taught the class to put detail, dialog, emotions, showing not telling and so many more creative and great strategies.                                                                                                       


Reading Like Gold! , Not like a curmudgeon!

In school we are learning about how to read like gold not like a curmudgeon! We even take post-its about what’s happening in the books we’re reading! We also learned that a good reader reads with expression.

But a person who reads like a curmudgeon reads with no expression. Think about it this way, if you were trick or treating on Halloween and you came to someone’s house and they said “ Go Away!” They are a curmudgeon. At least that’s what I think.

And that’s pretty much what I learned about ( Reading Like Gold! , Not Like a Curmudgeon! )

Amazing Books

 Hi, my name is Kayla and I have some amazing books for you: Third Grade  Angels, Stone Fox, The Book with No Pictures, Ralph Tells A Story, The Zack Files,  My Weird School, Cam Jansen, Horrible Harry and Stella Batts. .

Stella Batts is an 8 year old girl. Her family owns a candy store.  Third Grade Angels is about a boy.  He is in third grade and he wants to earn a halo first.  In his school, he says first graders are called “babies,” second graders are called “cats,” third graders are called “angels” and fourth graders are called “rats.”The Book With No pictures is so funny and all the other books are great.