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Stone Fox

“OK everybody,it’s time to go to the rug”Mrs Badurski exclaimed.“Were going to finish Stone Fox.”   

“YAY!!”the class everybody got on the rug and found a good spot to sit where they would not talk. We were on the last part of the book and Mrs Badurski said that if the class had time, we could finish the book.

“Searchlight sprang forward with such force that Little Willy couldn’t hang on.” Mrs Badurski read.When we got to almost the end just when Mrs Badurski read a sad part at the end of the book and this is what she read.

“Go,Searchlight! Go!Little willy cried.She was a hundred feet from the finish line when her heart burst.”

“NNOO!!” the class moaned,and then the story was over. After that, Mrs Badurski said to turn and talk with your partner.After that we had to write a little summary about the end of the book.The class said that they were so sad that searchlight died but Mrs Badurski said that it was a good ending and if the author didn’t put that part, what would he replace it with?The ending still solved everything.