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Be Thankful For What You Have

Be thankful for the people in your life. I am thankful for my brothers because they always have my back,My brothers always have my back and look out for me. For example when I was going to my bunk and I was really nervous they stayed with me at my bunk until I felt comfortable. Another reason is they always make stuff more interesting for me and make it really fun for example example they made a scooter race in my house to a race track in my front yard and put me at the finish line. Another  reason is they always make time to play with me. To elaborate I used to be able to just be lazy and now I can play and be more active. To conclude there are so many ways I am grateful for my brothers loving,affection,joy.

I’m grateful for my Family

I’m grateful for my family because they make me happy, they play with me, they help me. The first reason I’m grateful for my family is because they make me happy. For example every morning they tell me funny stories about when they were in school. Another reason I’m grateful for my family is because they play with me. For example sometimes they jump on the trampoline with me and play and play jumping tag. The last reason I’m grateful for my family is because every day after I come home from school they sit at the kitchen table and help me with my homework. To conclude, they make me glad, we have fun together, they spend time with me. Who are you grateful for?

My Brother Ethan

People are more important than objects. I am grateful for my brother Ethan because we share sweet memories, adventures, and fun. The first reason I am grateful for Ethan is that we share many unforgettable memories. For example,  every day he asks, “Can we play lego? Please?”  We always build something new like a castle, or a dragon. We will never forget these moments. The second reason I am grateful for Ethan is we go on adventures together. For example,  {almost } every day we try to go bunny catching. We wouldn’t do this without each other. We have to sneak into our neighbor’s backyard and we’re always afraid of getting caught. The last reason I am grateful for Ethan is we always have fun together. To elaborate, I used to be bored lots of times,  but now,  I spend a lot of time with Ethan doing fun things like playing in the backyard and giving him spinny rides in my arms. To conclude,  there are lots of reasons why I am grateful for my brother. He brings me joy,  adventurous times,  and memories.       


XOXO Family

It is important to be thankful for your family because they love you more than anything.The first reason why I am grateful for family because they cheer me up. For example, When I’m sad they hug me and kiss me.The second reason why I am grateful for my family is because they think about what would make me happy. For example, they play Monopoly or a storytelling game with me and they made me have my own room for privacy. The third reason I am thankful for my family is because they look out for me. For example, if my big brother bothers me by waking me up in the middle of the night, he is in trouble. To conclude, I am grateful for my family because they want me to have joy, fun, my own space, and they don’t want me to be annoyed. i   

I Am Thankful For My Mom and Dad

My mom and dad bring joy to me everyday I am thankful for them because they make me feel better, they play with me, and they take me to special places. The first reason I am grateful for my mom and dad because they always make me feel better for example,they lay in bed with me and they give me medicine and play games with me. Also, when I am sad they always say, “What is wrong?” and give me hugs and kisses. The second reason I am grateful for my mom and dad is that they always play  with me. For example,when i ask them to play a board games like Sorry or Clue they always do it. The third reason I am thankful for my mom and dad is that they take me to special places. For example, they take me to the beach when I want to go.To conclude, they will always be there  to help me and give joy. I am thankful for them.

Typing Club

I was very, very, VERY excited for Typing Club.

                       “Take out your chromebooks!” Mrs.Badurski (3B) said. I took out my chromebook. And everybody else took out their chromebooks too.

                        “Today we will do Typing Club.” Mrs.Badurski (3B) said. I did great and I was on the fun facts about animals, different types of objects and etc.

                            “WOW! Toby, you went that far on Typing Club?!” Mrs.Badurski (3B) asked.

                               “Yup.” I replied. “I was sick but I did Typing Club at my house a LOT!” THE END



Winning Word Study!

Every week we get new words that we study. Each Friday we get a quiz, with a partner. But here is  what happens between Monday & Friday. First on Monday we get words to study with a partner then we write it  down in our notebooks.Then on Tuesday we pick something from are spelling menu which is a list of all the stuff we can do.. Oh and did I mention that Mrs. Badurski leaves what we’re doing on the smartboard. We do the same thing as Tuesday on Wednesday and Thursday. But then it was Friday. Mrs Badurski said,”

” It’s time to take the quiz, so get with your partners.”

So every Friday we get a quiz with all the words we get on Monday.  

 And that’s really it for what I mainly want you to know about my ( Winning Word Study! )


What Is Word Study?

What is word study? Word study is when we get our words for the week. Every Monday we get new words. On Monday, when my class gets into the classroom, there is a sheet at our table that my teacher (Mrs. Badurski) hands out. Not everyone gets the same words. Only a few people have the same sort. Since not everyone has the same sort, we have word study partners. In the morning, we cut out our word study words from our word sort. When we are done, we sort  our words. After we sort out our words, we check our words with our word study partner. How do we check? We check by one partner coming over to one table (if we’re not at the same table). We would say a few words at a time, and once we say them our partner goes back to their table and checks if we have the same words in the same column. If we do, then we got the words right. If not, then we figure out our sort. On Monday thru Thursday, we practice our words for the quiz on friday. We practice by using our spelling menu in our word study notebook.    

Terrific Typingclub

In 3rd grade,  we type on a website called Typing Jungle. In typing jungle there are many different levels. As your levels get higher,  they become harder. There are also some videos. There are videos because the videos have facts,  and other stuff you should know about typing. Here are some of the things I learned from the videos: posture is important, sit straight,  be healthy. The history of qwerty. NEVER EVER LOOK AT THE KEYBOARD! For that problem, for most lessons, there is a picture of a keyboard at the bottom. I suggest that you don’t look at it,    because there are some lessons that have no keyboard,  and you have to type something in a limited amount of time.  



Amazing Bar Modeling

In 3rd grade you learn how to do bar modeling. When you do bar modeling you might have to do adding or subtracting, that’s because it doesn’t always come right to your head. When you draw bar models you are going to use a lot of lines. Bar models kind of look like bars.  I know it sounds weird,  but it does not look weird. I like bar modeling. I think bar modeling is fun because instead of just doing adding or subtracting you can make it a little more complicated. I also like bar modeling more than mental math because instead of just using lines you can use lines and adding or subtracting. I like adding and subtracting so much because I think it’s fun. I think it is fun because you use a lot of numbers.