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Amazing Math Book

“Take out your math workbooks.” said my teacher during the first week of school. We had never used the math books before. I wrote my name on my book. I took a deep breath and I gulped. Then I opened the book. When I started doing it it was easy then it got harder and harder. We have done topics like place value, rounding, mental math strategies, and bar modeling. So far the easiest topic has been place value because all you have to do is put numbers in the correct places and know what they are worth. The most difficult part has been bar modeling because you have to draw and label models and sometimes they require two steps. Here are some numbers that I am able to add mentally after our work on that topic

1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8 8+8=16 16+16=32 32+32=64 64+64=128 128+128=256 256+256=512 512+512=1,024 1,024+1,024=2,048 2,048+2,048=4,096 4,096+4,096=8,192 8,192+8,192=16,384 16,384+16,384=32,768 32,768=32,768=65,536. That is a big number and it all started with 1+1!