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Today was the day the day of Halloween. I raced to my classroom, in my basketball player costume, like a cheetah. As I walked into my classroom I heard over the announcements:

“The Halloween parade will begin at 9:15am,” I was putting my morning work in the tray when the announcements went on again:

“All classes please start to line up,” As we approached the front were the Halloween parade there were hundreds of people outside with their cameras out. I only had taken a few steps when my grandparents showed up so I smiled the as the camera flashed as bright as the sun. Next I saw my mom and she took about 10 pictures.

“Smile for the camera” she yelled over all the people at the parade. Finally after all of the pictures and cameras we had a assembly  where all the the classes k-5 come and sing songs about Halloween and some of the 5th graders were playing instruments.

After we came back from the assembly we listen and wrote a Halloween story.  At the end of the day another class came into our room to watch Halloween videos.