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My Family

Do you want to learn about my life? If yes then it is your lucky day because you are about to learn about it rite now. Right in front of your eyes! I am grateful for my family because if I didn’t have a my family then my life will be way different, my family plays with me and my mom and dad bring me on vacation. The first reason I am grateful for my family is they play games with me. For example My two brothers play basement baseball. Basement baseball is a game in my basement that I made up. The second reason I like my family is they care for me. For example, my dad taught me how to play baseball and now I practice every week with a professional coach who actually was in the minor leagues. My final thing which is my third thing that I like about my family is that they take me on vacation, For an example every year I go to California and Florida. Now you now about my family now what happens in your family?

I Am Thankful For My Mom And Dad

I am thankful for my mom and dad because they love me, they play  games with me and they take us on special trips. The first reason I am grateful for them is because they show me that they love me. For example, they read stories to me and on weekends they let my sisters and I come in their bed. The second reason I am grateful for my family is that they play with me. For example, my dad practicing playing softball with me. Another reason is they take my sisters and me on trips. For example, my 2 sisters, Samara and Skylar, and I are going to Disney World next Wednesday. Also, my grandparents have a house in Florida that we go to often. So you think of reasons to be thankful for your mom and dad too!

I`m Grateful for …

My family helps me be happy and they give with everything I need to live. I`m grateful for my family because they let me have delicious food that I love, they make sure that I`m happy, and they help me. The first reason that I’m grateful for my family is because that they get me food that I love. For example every 2 or 3 weeks my family takes me to the grocery store and gets all the food we need for a month. They let me pick out things like pancakes, fruit, taco shells, cheese, meat, waffles, and my favorite bread. The second reason I am grateful for my family is that they make me happy every day. For example when I`m sick they stay home and drive me to the doctor, and stay home and not go to work for however long I don`t go to school. My third reason why I’m grateful for my family is because they help me. For example, when I am reading and can’t figure out what a word means and if they don`t know, they’ll look it up on their phones and tell me. Or they will sit with me at my desk in my room or downstairs in the kitchen at the desk there and helps me with my test and homework assessments. My fourth reason why I’m grateful for my parents is because they keep me company and answer all of my questions. For example, last night I was having a football catch with my dad and asking him questions about how you become left handed and right handed when you’re born. I was also asking about left handed and right handed tennis players. My fifth reason why I’m thankful for my parents is that they take me on road trips and plane trips everywhere. For example 2 or 3 years ago they took me and my sister on a on a 21 hour drive to Florida and surprised us  by going to Disneyland. We also fly to Seattle and Mexico a lot.  To conclude, my family feeds me, helps me with so much, and make sure that I stay happy. I am very thankful for them.

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My Cape Cod Family Trip Tradition

Do you have any family trip traditions? I do! Every year my family takes a trip to Cape Cod. I am grateful for my family going to Cape Cod every year because we play games, we go to beaches and ponds, and we get to do this all with my cousins! The first reason I am grateful for my family going to Cape Cod every year is we play really, really fun games. For example, every year we have a 1,000 piece really hard jigsaw puzzle, with new fun themes on it every year, last year the theme was ice cream. We also go to deep, shallow, long, short, big,small,  far, wavy, come oceans and ponds! For example, we either go to Gulf, Long, or Great pond. We go to the ocean to but we rarely swim we rarely swim in the ocean because of the sharks! And to add on we do all of it with our cousins! For example we have sleepovers with them and go with them to beaches and ponds. I’m glad me and my family and I can make all these memories in Cape Cod!

Fantastic Friendly Family

        Did you know how much your family loves you and cares for you? I am grateful for my family  because of the affection, time and the heart they give me. The first reason I am grateful for my family is because, they give me so much affection.  For example, when my mom comes home the first thing she will do is come and play games and help me on work. Another reason is the time they give for me. For example, before my dad goes to work he will talk to me about his life as a doctor. The last reason is how much more thoughtful my family has made me. To elaborate, when my brother comes home from school he will make sure I am joyful and make sure I get a lot of kisses. To conclude, they bring me love, minutes and more meaning in my life today. What are you thankful for?