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maglev blog post

The improvements that we made to our train was, we made the magnets on the train look the same as the track so our cart had two strip magnets on the side and the same with the track so it would float better because it would be lined up because before it was not lined up.

Our final track happened when Nash said, “We should put more strip magnets on our track to make the force stronger.” so we did that and then it floated 3 more inches and when we put a cup with 36 marbles inside. I think it worked because because we lined the cart and the track together and because we put more strip magnets so it made the force stronger.

What I learned about maglev trains is that if they are not floating it is because: the magnets can be facing the wrong way or because the magnets’ force is not strong enough. I also learned that EDP, Engineering Design Process helps because at first i didn’t think that it would help that much, but it did because if we didn’t have it well… we would be lost. Lost completely because we would be going in the wrong order. For example, we may have started building without working through our plan.

I think working with a group helps you a lot because when you work with a group you will all have different ideas but when you put all your ideas together it makes it be one super good idea. Because look what Nash did! He made the train repel more, and  if we did not have Nash, we would never be able for the cart to hold 36 marbles. So it is helpful to work with a group.


Maglev Blog Post

In this paragraph you will  read about the problem that me and my partners faced and how we became  successful. First we have to check what sides the magnets were on because the magnetic field will only work if  the magnets are both on the same side. So when we figured that out we put three magnets on the track one in the middle and one on each side. So then we did the same thing on our vehicle. But when we tried that it did not work. So then our teacher Ms.Badurski told us that maybe we did not need the strip magnet in the middle. So we took the middle strip magnets off then our vehicle floated. So our strategy was to put two strip magnets on the way ends of our  vehicle and we put the other two strip magnets on the way ends of our track. So the two magnets on the sides will match up with each other and sense all of our magnets were on the north side and if the magnets are on the same side they repel. So with all of that it made our vehicle floated across the track! By doing all of that work that I told you about in this first paragraph that is the problem we faced and how we became successful!

To improve our track and vehicle we did the same thing but we just added more magnets on top of other magnets. So first we put one more layer on then we put another layer on. so  we did the same thing just with more magnets our vehicle floated hire so it holds more weight and it makes our vehicle stronger and better. We also thought of some other strategies too like with ring or disc magnets. But we figured that the strategy that I told you guys about is probably the best and easiest way to improve our vehicle. So we ended up doing that strategy that I told you guys about. Also when we did it our vehicle floated hire and it could hold more weight so it can hold more marbles. We want to try and get the most marbles in the dixie cup on our vehicle and we ended up with 28 marbles. Maybe we could of had more if we added more layers of strip magnets. So there will be more power and more power is better so we could hold more marbles in the cup on our vehicle. Also not only did our vehicle have to float it also had to be able for someone to push it across the track and it had to still be floating and holding all of the marbles. But before we did that we tried to use ring magnets to improve are track and vehicle. But it did not work! Then we kepted thinking and thinking then we just tried everything with ring magnets and it did not work! So that is how we figured out that the problem was the ring magnets. That is how we figured out that improving strategy that I told you about in this second paragraph. That is how we improving our transportation system so it would work.

I liked working with partners  because they thought of ideas and if we had a problem they  would help us fix problems that we could not figure out. My partners also helped me put  everything together. They also helped me pick which magnets and what strategy that we should use for our maglev transportation system. They also had great ideas to improve like the one that I told you guys about in paragraph 2. We also thought that maybe our vehicle would be to heavy but we tried it anyway and it worked. One of the problems that me and my partners faced was after we did the design then we improved it did not work then we figured out the problem. The problem was that one of the magnets on the track was on the south side! So we just turned the magnet over to the north side then it worked! Our vehicle may have been more heavy than last time but it held more marbles and the more marbles our vehicle can hold and still be able for someone to push the vehicle across the track is better! With all of that super hard work that me and my partners did we ended up with a few different amounts of numbers for the marbles in the cup on our vehicle. But actually I think that the marbles filled up the cup and we had to start to put some of the marbles on our vehicle! Well with all of that hard work that we did are final number of marbles was 28! Also our first score of the number of marbles was I think about fourteen or maybe it was fifteen. So we really improved our vehicle sense the first time that we got our vehicle float and our vehicle to be able to float and with someone pushing the vehicle across the track and our vehicle is still floating. So we definitely improved our vehicle a lot! That is all of the reasons why I love working, creating, deciding, problem solving, and improving with partners.