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Terrific Typingclub

In 3rd grade,  we type on a website called Typing Jungle. In typing jungle there are many different levels. As your levels get higher,  they become harder. There are also some videos. There are videos because the videos have facts,  and other stuff you should know about typing. Here are some of the things I learned from the videos: posture is important, sit straight,  be healthy. The history of qwerty. NEVER EVER LOOK AT THE KEYBOARD! For that problem, for most lessons, there is a picture of a keyboard at the bottom. I suggest that you don’t look at it,    because there are some lessons that have no keyboard,  and you have to type something in a limited amount of time.  



Amazing Math Book

“Take out your math workbooks.” said my teacher during the first week of school. We had never used the math books before. I wrote my name on my book. I took a deep breath and I gulped. Then I opened the book. When I started doing it it was easy then it got harder and harder. We have done topics like place value, rounding, mental math strategies, and bar modeling. So far the easiest topic has been place value because all you have to do is put numbers in the correct places and know what they are worth. The most difficult part has been bar modeling because you have to draw and label models and sometimes they require two steps. Here are some numbers that I am able to add mentally after our work on that topic

1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8 8+8=16 16+16=32 32+32=64 64+64=128 128+128=256 256+256=512 512+512=1,024 1,024+1,024=2,048 2,048+2,048=4,096 4,096+4,096=8,192 8,192+8,192=16,384 16,384+16,384=32,768 32,768=32,768=65,536. That is a big number and it all started with 1+1!



In 3rd grade I learned how to write cursive. A lowercase c in cursive is the same as if it were in print.The only difference in cursive is that every letter in a word has to be connected. If you don’t follow that rule, you cannot write cursive. There is only one exception, and that is with some capitals. Lowercase cursive  letters have a connecting tail. It is what helps the letter connect to another one.Some capitals do not have the ability to connect.I think those are letters like capital v,  d,  f,  o,  p,   and t. In my opinion, c is the easiest letter. .Do you know how  letters are connected? If so,  that is how your letters should be when you are writing cursive.