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Winning Word Study!

Every week we get new words that we study. Each Friday we get a quiz, with a partner. But here is  what happens between Monday & Friday. First on Monday we get words to study with a partner then we write it  down in our notebooks.Then on Tuesday we pick something from are spelling menu which is a list of all the stuff we can do.. Oh and did I mention that Mrs. Badurski leaves what we’re doing on the smartboard. We do the same thing as Tuesday on Wednesday and Thursday. But then it was Friday. Mrs Badurski said,”

” It’s time to take the quiz, so get with your partners.”

So every Friday we get a quiz with all the words we get on Monday.  

 And that’s really it for what I mainly want you to know about my ( Winning Word Study! )


The Amazing Word Study!

Today you will be learning about Word study. Word study is a subject that you can learn words that you don’t know. In my class we do a lot of word study. We do quizzes ,we write in our word study books. When you do word study you have to make sure you spell everything right. Sometimes your teacher will let you play word study games. In my class my teacher has a spelling menu It has a lot of word study games. Like there is a game called Waterfall Words. It is when you write each word bit by bit.There is a game to that is called ABC that is when you write your Word Study words and write them in ABC order. There is also something that is called word rhyme that is when you have your sort words and you rhyme them with other words. Thanks for looking at my blog.     

Word Study Cutouts

              This year every week we cut out a word sort . We get words that we sort in a category like the word skate where we drop the e and add ing so skating goes in the e-drop category, or the word yell goes in (vcc) because yell has -ell. Then we look at our spelling menu and find an activity, like for example, write each of your 23 words in your neatest handwriting 3x. Another activity that helps us learn our words and patterns is writing 10 words with a line in the vowels place that’s called missing vowels, and then filling in the vowels. At the end of each week we get a quiz sheet and go in a quiet place in the room, we write down categories and partners read each other’s words . After if we want extra credit we write 3 sentences and each of them has to have 1 or more spelling words in each sentence like I was waving my hand to signal the taxi   Without a spelling mistake.