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Writing cursive, Stuff I like and Tips as a reader

Hi! My name is Toby and I am in 3rd grade and I’m learning cursive. I like cursive because it is easy  to write. I’m a huge fan of cursive. I hope you like it too! Also it looks beautiful. I love 3rd grade A LOT! I like writing print too. As a writer, I love writing. As a reader I read like gold, not a curmudgeon! And also I have a best friend. I love Minecraft and I have a Minecraft after school club. But DON’T ever read like a curmudgeon. I was ready for cursive.We learned a,d,g,h,t and p. My handwriting was beautifulTHE END

I love 3rd Grade and Cursive.

Cool Cursive Writing

So far this year my class has learned about six different cursive letters. We started with c because, c’s is super easy it’s just like a normal c. Now I say about everyone in my class knows every cursive letters always has a tail at the end of the cursive letter. After we finished c we moved on to a. In cursive a looks like this a. By that picture I think you know that a is just like an a in print but with a little tiny tail at the end to connect to the next cursive letter. I love cursive writing and to write in cursive because it’s like normal writing but it’s way cooler and it looks nicer. But writing in cursive is super harder than writing in any other way in the whole entire world. So far I’d say that cursive is my favorite topic in third grade that my teacher Ms. Badurski has taught me and my friends. This year is probably going to be a  great school year. I hope you enjoyed reading about cursive. I love writing in cursive and I can’t wait to learn more about cursive and also to learn more how to write in cursive and I hope you’re as excited as me bye.


Cursive is a kind of handwriting. It is different because the words are connected and you can’t lift the pencil off your paper. When Mrs.Badurski told us about cursive I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t… so she gave us cursive handwriting notebook.The first letter was C I opened the notebook slowly. My heart was beating really fast, thump thump it went. When I got to the page I started.

When I was doing it I kept on on messing up, I was about to give up.Then my aide came up to me and said just make a C, then when you get to the bottom go up then go up again then curve on the top. “I’ll  try,so I tried again ‘I did it’ I said  I was so happy yay I thought thanks for reading my blog.      

Careful Cursive

Okay class” Mrs. Badurski said, “today we are learning cursive, the letters c, a, g and d.” I was humming to myself, but I was startled out of my song as I realized the message. Oh no! I thought as a shiver went down my back. There were worms in my mouth and I didn’t know what to do. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN IN CURSIVE BEFORE!!! I gulped as I sat in my seat. My heart raced as I opened my book. Then … I did it, it was pure handwriting. I was amazed. I looked at it very closely, my eyes opened wide my mouth made an o shape, my letter was perfect. My dream was true, I could write in cursive. I quickly finished the rest and then showed it to Mrs. Badurski. She was proud, I was proud. Then while I was putting it away the strangest thought came to me…. am I really good at cursive or was it just one letter that I was extremely good at? I wonder if you know, do you?