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What do you think 2o% Time is…
20% time is not exactly 20% Time it’s just where we have some time in the day to work on an arcade used with classroom materials and a 3D printers. We got the name from google. My teacher knows that the google workers get 20% time because she visited the office of Google. Right now I am working on a game with my friend Julia. We were going to make a game that you use balls to throw them at a clown. We didn’t think we could pull it of so now were trying to make something that rains tickets and you catch them. 
What inspired my class…
There is this guy named Caine who lives in California he does the things as us but his is a successful arcade. Here is a link to his website I hope you enjoy it
Here are some pictures of our Journey so far in this arcade:
If you haven’t noticed there is me and some other girls painting. Since the outside of the game is made of cardboard some people including me helped paint it with white paint to make it look pretty. One of the our class made the game we are painting is a very fun game called Wackamole. Wackamole is a game to kind of test your skills. This is how you play: You get a couple of balls and you have to throw them at the 2 targets which people are moving around and holding it to make it more challengingIf you scroll down you would see the game itself!

This is the game Wackamole in action with someone playing it. If you haven’t guessed what the game is I’ll tell you how to play This is how you play: You get a couple of balls and you have to throw them at the 2 targets which people are moving around and holding the targets in their hands to make it more challenging.

In our arcade there is a lot of 3D printed stuff with my schools very own 3D printer. If someone wants to print something they design it on a tinkering website called tinkercad. Personally I think tinkercad is a fun way to test your skills of creating things and if your in luck getting it made with the 3D printer. Start tinkering now go to this link

This isn’t really based on the arcade.People from my class were assigned to do something for another teacher in my school. They are supposed to make Fannypack’s. If you haven’t already noticed I’ll tell you how they make these very cool creations:  First they were asked to get some felt that’s sorta like a fabric and you also ask for some sewing needles these 2 girls got pink and blue. Then you have to sew them together and flip them inside out and then you have a fannypack! 

This, This is a awesome creation that I find incredible. It’s a robot! From what I here it was designed from Legos. This creation I find is amazing by how it was built from start to finish. If you want to see more cool robots just search up cool robots and press images.

For more of exploring arcades go to this link

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