Heathcote Arcade

My class is creating a fun project.It’s called the Heathcote Arcade. We are making fun games out of cardboard and other class materials such as glue sticks,highlighters,duct tape,sharpies stickers,paper,our school makerspace made by my teacher and post-its.What I have been working on is a scratch off tickets with some of my friends. If you get three in a row on the scratch off you get a suprizer which is a envelope with a note some of them say things like you win 10 tickets. 

 What inspired my class is Caine’s arcade. Caine’s arcade is a successful cardboard arcade in California. Here is the backstory his dad owned an auto repair shop and Caine wanted to make a cardboard arcade and his dad said he could.Nobody wanted to come to his newly opened arcade. Then finally this guy came to play and he told the news about the arcade and it went viral now everybody comes. 
Our first game was Skee Ball and it went to Wackamole and then an electric circuit game but I forgot what it’s called then it went to a ring toss and scratch off and many more to come.

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