Rockery Launch # 2

I am in the group “The Rainbow Rockids”.This group is part of rocketry unit.We started out in our 1 launch using 6 small wings.I was not there because I had something going on but I heard it went really bad.For example,the wings fell off and it went really low without water.So for the 2 launch we used 6 different wings.3 of the wings were the same,the others different.There was a really big difference in height.For the 1 launch the averages are 10 and 15.5 Meters.For the 2 launch the averages are 45 and 48.5 Meters.But the 2 launch we used water.The rocketry unit is like Isaac Newton’s laws of motions.The 1 launch was a FAIL.But my teacher always says “It’s a first attempt in learning.”Other wise I think my group did great and we had some great launches.

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