Initial Thinking

For my computer teacher some kids were asked to write a blog post of what you think of having a public blog. This is what I think: I think it is kind of scary to have my very own public blog. It was so shocking to here my Computer teacher say “I can just change a button from private to public.” I sort of like having the idea that a lot of people might read my blog

Rube Goldberg Project

Group Members: Natasha, Jane & Marissa   For my group’s Rube Goldberg project,  We made it very far. We haven’t quite finished it yet but we are really close to finishing. The 1st step of our rube goldberg project is, there is a there is a little block with a hole and a marble goes through it. Then it falls into a Spiral. And once the marble goes through the hole in the middle of the spiral it will go down a ramp that, will…