Social Media For Capstone!

Capstone is something all 5th graders are required to do at my school. Its where you study ONE topic for a very long time.

At first I was going to do Kelloggs cereal but when I heard we would study it for a long time the topic just did not feel right. My teacher helped me think of something and she helped me come up with Social Media. I liked the idea of doing Social Media for capstone because I love social media and also I want to learn more about it. I wanted to learn about the positive’s and negative’s of using social media. This is what I came up with for my main question “How has social media impacted people’s lives in positive and negative ways.” Some of the challenges in this process so far was coming up with a topic and coming up with a main question I also am starting sub questions which is questions that are related to the main question. Some research that I’ve started to do was on websites, going on the apps etc… The next step is to finish my sub-questions and do some more research. I think what I need the most help with is thinking of sub-questions before the due date. I am really excited to study something I love.

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