Creating A Main Inquiry Question And Sub Questions For Capstone

This is my second blog post for my social media capstone project.

How I created My main question was easy and challenging in different ways. I had asked a couple of people to give me suggestions which then I combined all the information. I also did a lot of research and read some articles on Social Media and found that some people think social media is very useful and others think it is a total waste of time. So from the information and suggestions that has come to me I came up with this question ¬†“How Has Social Media Impacted People’s Lives In Positive And Negative Ways.” It was definitely¬†a challenge to create this question because I love social media and sometimes it gets to be a little boring and I just could not combine my thoughts into just a little questions. The intern in my class, my teacher and some of my friends encouraged me to really think about a topic from social media that I really wanted to focus on for 6 weeks. That is my story of choosing my Main Research Question.

This paragraph is for choosing my sub questions,

I needed much more help to make sub questions because the limit was at least 5 questions instead of just 1. It turns out I was so passionate about social media, I just wanted to create more. Since I had a lot of thoughts about social media I created 9 sub questions. Sub quetions are other questions that lead to the main question. It was not that hard but it wasn’t easy, but mostly what I achieved I am super proud of my 9 sub questions that I (with some help) created. The helped that I got was from my mom, the intern in my class, my teacher and more of my friends. They were all really helpful because they all helped me improve all the question I already have. Also from the article’s I’ve read inspired 4 of my sub questions.

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