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For capstone I was required to have one site visit which is an headquarters that is related to a topic which mine is “Social Media” and one interview with someone who works for a company of your topic or is a CEO of a company of your topic. This post is about my site visit which is required. I visited a business called Likeable which is a company that has to do with social media in general and social media marketing. The staff is split up into 2 divisions Likeable Local & Likeable Media. I took some pictures to show one of the headquarters and its expierience.

image-4This picture is of a basketball game. It is there because the company wants the worker to have fun and take some breaks. Behind the game is a hoverboard to have even more fun.

image-3This is one of a stand up desk. It is there because studies say that it is healthier to stand up rather than sitting down.


imageThis is a pretty bad pic but it is of a open office and not different rooms. It is open so people can interact from the 2 different sides and people from the same division can still talk when they are across from each other.


The office was pretty small because it was on 1 floor and this was pretty much the whole office so I took as many pictures as I can.


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