Capstone Post #6

For Capstone I choose to do an imovie. It is like a Ted Talk (Which most people are doing) But usually slides or a┬áseparate imovie and it’s live. In my case I am just doing an imovie with my imovie of my site visit and the beginning of my facts are first but then my “Ted Talk” Is in my imovie. which means I am videoed of me talking and giving my many facts from 6 weeks of research and information I received from my interview. My movie is 7 minutes and 9 seconds long. 5 minutes and I don’t know how many seconds is of me talking. The beginning like I said before is of pictures of my site visit and the start of my facts. I also have some suspense with then leads to happiness and then the suspense and happiness comes together to form my main question.

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