Tutu Tuesday

I was at my country club and I snuck candy.  When I was walking it fell out of my pocket. My mom saw, and the next thing I knew I was seeing her eat my candy.  My favorite candies are Air Heads, Sour Patch, and chocolate.  I love to dance–Hip-Hop and Acro Jazz.  I also do Remix, which is a dance company.  Once when I was at Acro Jazz on a Tuesday we saw a box of  tutus so we went all around our room saying tutu Tuesday.  I have turned my brothers thumb blue.  When I was younger my siblings and I went down to the basement and went to the costume box and we danced around the kitchen.  We almost knocked the food over.  I have never been grounded.  I love when my grandparents come and visit. I am getting three new baby cousins.  My favorite place to be is Canada.  I like to do art projects to decorate my room. I have stapled my thumb.               


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