My Wooden Box

Hey Guys,

So here are some thoughts about my wooden box in tech:

The cardboard model helped me because it showed the measurements of the box and what my box was going to look like. I feel comfortable with using the tools by myself. I had trouble using my ruler because I thought that you had to measure from the first mark of the ruler when you had to measure from the end of the ruler. This kind of messed me up because I had to redo all of my measurements. I struggled to cut my wood in a straight line because I could not make the wood stay in the same position. I thought that it was really satisfying once you sanded your box because it made everything really smooth. I thought that it was frustrating when my box did not fit together.

I still need to work on my box. I have finished sanding, but I need to glue all my pieces together. do not want to have any secret compartments in my box, but I do want a dark stain on my box. I want to put hinges on my box. Once I have done these steps to my box I do not want to do anything else to it. After I finish my box I would like to ake either a metal or a leather bracelet to go in the box.

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