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What do FBI agents do to train?

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Since I find the question about how to become an FBI agent very interesting, I am going to talk about it today. Today I am going to be focusing on what do FBI agents do when they train? They do many things when they train. Some days they do fire arms, others they do a physical fitness tests. Some days he tack a trip to Hogans alley and spend the day there. Some people who are not learning how to attack tack special classes and learn how to track people down or interview the witnesses of the crime seen. Image result for fbi training

Hogan’s Alley

Hey guys welcome back. As you know recently I have been looking into what is the processes like to become an FBI agent. When you train to become an FBI you need to go through a training. Most FBI agents go to a school called Quantico. When you train Image result for Hogan's alleyat Quantico they are going to bring you to this place called Hogan’s alley. Hogan’s alley is a fake town to help agents train.  Hogans alley has any building that a normal town would have. It has houses, stores, hotels, and more. When you train at Hogans alley you are not allowed to use a real gun. Just because you not allowed to use a real gun doesn’t mean it takes away some of the stress. The bad guys are plaed by some of the teachers. If you have any questions about Hogans alley make sure to comment.


Hey guys, recently I have been looking into what is the process like to be come an FBI agent. My mom has a friend who knows a lot of FBI agents and I emailed her.

Some of my questions that I am looking into are: what are the requirements, what is the training like, why do people quit the training in the middle. At first my questions seemed a little bit too complicated to study be once I looked at them from a different view I soon found a lot about my topic

I am still in the middle of my research but here is what I know so far:

  1. You must have a bachelors degree
  2. You must have a three year work experince
  3. You must have a perfect criminal record
  4. You must be a citizen of the USA
  5. You must be at least 23 but not more than 37. If you are a veteran than those rules don’t apply for you, they can be as old as they want.
    Note: you will have more of a chance to become an FBI agent if you are specialized in language, computers, and law

If you have any questions make sure to comment.

I am looking forward to blogging more about this topic!

Winter Break

Hey guys, I was just on winter break. It was so much fun, I went skiing. I like to ski blacks and double blacks but this year the conditions were very icy so my family and I didn’t go on double blacks. My family and I have tried a couple different ski hills but our favorite is     Mount Tremblant. 

Sleep Over

Hey guys. Last week I went to my friend Natasha had a sleep over party. First we went to an escape room. We were so close but we didn’t escape. It was murder theme and it was scary. After we tried to escape the room we went out for dinner at Bella Blue. Then we watched a movie called Step Sisters. After the movie was done all the guests were so tired so we went to bed. 

Valentines Day

Hello everyone welcome back. Happy Valentine Day! When I woke up their was a card in my bathroom from my Dad. Then when I was ready for breakfast their were chocolates a balloon at the spot I like to sit at. At school I gave Zac a Valentines Day gift. The gift had chocolates and a teddy bear. In the after noon Zac gave me a card. (This is Zac’s card.)

Dance Show

Hey guys welcome back. Recently I had a dance show. It was so much fun. The level that I am in is called Remix plus. the group that I am in is very friendly. when we weren’t on stage we would run around the building. I was their for the hole day because there were two performances. Their was this one older girl named Olivia and she was so good.When I was done performing I got flowers. 


Hey guys I’m back! when I was in London I went to see Hamilton. It was amazing, in case you didn’t know I am a fan of Broadway shows. I always end up getting the songs stuck in my head. I saw it with my grand parents. I am glad that my dad downloaded the song on my i-pod so I can listen to them when ever I want.

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