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The Children

Here’s a poem that I wrote based on the picture. Tell me what you think:

I should be able to keep it

It was the only thing that kept me going

I have been so jealous

She gets everything she wants

I don’t have to be nice any more

Image result for two children fighting over a stuffed bear

The Best Time Of Our Life

Here is an exert from my narrative that I recently wrote:

As I was thinking about my plan,  I heard the motorboat again. “Oh, no, it’s back again,” I thought.  As I started to slow down, the boat turned and the driver stared at me. Then I started to paddle as fast as I could because I did not want to experience another boat.  When I reached the sand and saw all my friends, I was so glad to see them. Most of them did not even know what I did. But they would figure it out.  When I saw Umi, she was smiling. I knew she was up to something.

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