The Dream that Comes To Life

Zac cuddling with his mom.


Hey, welcome back! Look at this beautiful piece of art. First I want you to look at it. The first thing that I see is a good use of color. This is another one of Zac’s master pieces. I love the gems. I also liked the way he used the yarn for a mouth, that was very clever. If you saw anything that stood out that I didn’t say make sure to comment.

Introducing Zac

Hi guys, I’m back. I have this kinder garden buddy named Zac and he is very talented. He is very athletic. He told me that once he was playing basket ball agent a grown up team and he won! He also told me that he once beat his soccer coach in scorer. He is also very good at reading. I like how he reads very fluently and waits at punctuation. Zac always makes shore I know that he is the oldest kid in the class. He is very proud of it. He also has a younger sister. I love being his buddy because he makes me so happy. He lost his two front teeth so his smile is very cute. I am looking forward to seeing him more often. If you have any questions make sure to comment.

The Children

Here’s a poem that I wrote based on the picture. Tell me what you think:

I should be able to keep it

It was the only thing that kept me going

I have been so jealous

She gets everything she wants

I don’t have to be nice any more

Image result for two children fighting over a stuffed bear


Hey guys. Did you enjoy the snow yesterday? I did, I went sledding with my brother in my back yard. It was so much fun. Last year we bought a snow scooter and the handle fell off, so now it is just a board. Even though it is a little dangerous we still use it. No one in my family snowboards so if you could give me some tips that would be great. I also danced yesterday. I was glad that it was Acro Jazz because for Acro Jazz you do not have to where shoes. So I got to were snow boots to my dance studio.

Still In The Rain

Here is an exert from one of my narratives:

I felt like if I didn’t do this then no one would trust me. This time was the worst time to walk with them because all the rocks were slippery. There were a lot of rocks because we were near the lake. My cousins were so small and I didn’t know what they could or could not do. If they hurt themselves then I would be in a lot of trouble.

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The Wind In My Face

I am from my dance studio where they sell little toys and snow globes. I am from the vending machines that never work. From that dressing room where we tell jokes and stories before class starts. I am from my dance studio.

I am from Camp White Pine where I always have the best summers of my life. From the glass studio where I spend most of my time. The one that has my name written on a plack. The summers that I have the best time of my life. I am from Camp White Pine.

I am from Mount Tranbla where I go skiing. From the wind in my face, to the t-shirt place where I made a sweatshirt.  From the maple syrup on a stick.  I am from Mount Trambla

I am from Willow Ridge. The country club that I go to. I love the pool and the ice cream Sunday. I am from Willow Ridge

I am from crocheting. I could sit in my room and do it all day long. I love it when I play an audio book while I crochet.  I am from crocheting.

I am from Canada were I always want to stay a week more. I am from my cousins that always fight over who sits next to me. I am from Canada.

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