Lonely Flower

Lonely Flower



I am from the tree in the backyard.  I am from the desert right next to Texas.  I am from the hotel across the street.  I am from the razor of the tape dispenser.  I am from the inflation hole in the soccer ball.  I am from the tip of the grass in London.  I am from the needle of the Porcupine.

I am from the tiny stone in Pennsylvania.  I am from the eraser in the bright blue bin. I am from the number 7.  I am from the mountains near Mount Everest.  I am from the front row seats at a basketball game.  I am from the lonely flower in the field.  I am from the highest block on the chimney.  I am from my family.  I am from the micro magnetic chip in the computer.  I am from the book Half And Half.  I am from the letter M.  I am from under the Brooklyn Bridge.  I am from the coin flip on the field.  That’s where I am from.

One thought on “Lonely Flower

  1. Dear Milo,
    I liked your ‘Where I am from’ story. Yours was very different because it was a full on list, and you didm’ say why your from that place. It was kinda of lie a rambling autobiography, and I really like that. Bye!

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