Dunkirk Capstone


Lately I’ve been studying the war of Dunkirk and how it played a roll  in French and British  history.

Many things happened during that war. When Germany invaded Poland, they left France and Great Britain

to be invaded. This marked the start of World War ll. Dunkirk is the port they used to evacuate form the terror of the Luftwaffe. (Luftwaffe was the German air force.) More than 338,000 soldiers were evacuated .

They used the English channel to travel back to great Britain.

I can’t wait to blog more about my topic.

Buddy writing

My buddy is an amazing writer. He puts a lot of thought into his writing. His favorite part of his writing is at the end when he made all of his brownies. He was confident when he walked on the pond, and he wasn’t scared. He said that it was one of his favorite stories and he is super happy about it. It was one of his favorite stories because he got to spend some alone time with his dad. One of his favorite sports is hockey.  He is going to keep writing stories and sharing them. His cover was the best cover he drew  so far.

Christmas vacation

As you guys problem already know, it was Christmas vacation. And during that vacation I did a lot of cool things. Its been a while since my last vacation, so I forgot how fun it really is.

You could do many things on vacation, like go to a tropical place or even stay home.

My family didn’t go anywhere, So we can spend more family time.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas.



My passion is jokes. This year i am going to be posting a lot of jokes.

Most of them you will probably guess but some you might be there for about 30 min thinking.

Most of my jokes are going to follow up with a picture. Sometimes the picture will be the clue or even the

main joke. My teacher also posts a lot of jokes. And most of the time I get inspired of the jokes he makes.

I think jokes are a great topic to be posting about , because they inspire people, and even make people laugh.

Couldn’t Breath For Ten Seconds

Couldn’t Breathe For Ten Seconds


I used to like bugs when I was little. One day I was looking at this bug that was super tall. It was a mosquito.  I got bit and I didn’t like bugs after that day. I like climbing monkey bars because you look like a monkey. Once I was on the monkey bars and I fell off on the concrete and hurt myself. I used to love flowers. One day I found a sunflower and a bee was on it, so I dropped the flower and ran back into my house. It chased me! Once I took a five dollar bill from the monopoly and gave it to my brother because I owed him five dollars. When my brother was playing a game on the computer, I snuck up and hit the (command+Ctrl+shift+l ) that logs out of the computer, and ran away.  I like playing basketball after school with my friend because we get better. Once I was going to the courts to play but my babysitter said I couldn’t go because it was wet. I didn’t like her decision so we called my mom and she said I could play.  I ran to the courts, and my friend said it was slippery, but I didn’t know where it was slippery.  I ran right onto the slippery part and fell on my back.  I couldn’t breath for ten seconds.

About me

  1. My name is Milo. I am ten years old. I am athletic and I love video games like Fifa 17, NBA 2k17, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Destiny, Ark, Minecraft, Roblox, Battlefield 2, and Madden 17. My favorite foods are Pizza, hot dogs, steak, beef, shrimp, mussels, and french fries. I have 2 brothers, 1 sister, a dad, and a mom. I play basketball, soccer, tennis, football, and golf.

  I like my hair in a fohawks. I have a muscle in my eye so my eyes move really fast.

I can scare my friends or anybody if I move my eyes really fast back and forth,its really funny.


In my free time I like to ask my friend to come over and play soccer or basketball with me.

I also like to go to eat somewhere with my brothers.I like to play a board game with my siblings.

My favorite sport is basketball and even though I’m not the best player on the team I’m still improving my game. It doesn’t really matter if I win or not I’m still having fun and improving my game.


What do you want me to post about sports or other stuff,please tell me in the comments.