7 thoughts on “Expert Book – Slime

  1. Molly, you seem to know sooo much about slime! And you explained the different kinds of it, and how to play with it very well. I would say you are a slime expert!! Great job putting this all together!
    I love you, Mom
    Molly, I am so glad that I came to this. I learned so much about slime, and you explained how to make all the different types of slime so well! Maybe you will let me make some slime with you someday! Great job on your presentation. I love you, Dad.

  2. Molly,

    I am very impressed how much you could write about Slime. I can bet that you can make a perfect slime within seconds. Well done! I am sure all your friends will be standing in line to get your instructions on how to do a perfect slime!

    Yuliya (Gabriella’s Mom)

  3. I CAN NOT wait for you to come over for a playdate with Alexis so we can make all these kinds of slime!!! I’ll buy lots of Instant Snow!! Great job, Miss Molly!! —Nicole

  4. Wow Molly!! You truly are a slime expert!! I learned so much about the different types of slime!

    Awesome job!!
    Jessica (Allie’s Mom)

  5. Molly, that was amazing! you blew my mind! I loved learning about how to make slime and the textures of different of slime!
    Your friend, Blake

  6. Great job Molly!
    We loved the how to’s in your book. We can see the work and time you put into this book. We love slime too and we just learned a hole bunch about slime.
    Love Allie and Abby 🙂

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