Rocketry Blog Post

I am looking forward to having a lot of fun. I think our rocket will be a success. We did lots of learning about rockets and got lots of information in our notebooks. I think we will finish our rocket in time. Our Logo that my group will draw with me is a lightning bolt. Our group name is the blasting rockets. We made our logo a lightning bolt because we wanted our rocket to go as fast as a lightning bolt. I am very confident. We also studied Isaac newton and his laws of motion and I related the first law of motion to rocketry.







I really like soccer! I mostly like being goalie because when somebody shoots you can jump and hit the ball away. You also get really muddy. If you save the ball you get to kick the ball wherever you want and how far you want. But the bad thing about being a goalie is if the other team scores on you than everyone is going to think you are not so good at goalie.

My Pets



I have 4 dogs 1 cat 1 turtle and 3 fish tanks. I think I have enough pets and they are my friends. I play with my dogs and my cat and believe it or not I play with some of my fish!!! The animals that I have are VERY different from each other.

Cold Vs Warm weather

When it’s cold outside, I get goosebumps and when it’s hot I feel the sun shining bright in my face. I like summer more because it is warmer and I like winter less because it can be REALLY cold outside. Cold and warm weather have a big difference. Most people like summer more than winter but some people like winter more because they like playing ice hockey, and snow tubing, and skiing, and ice skating etc.Most people like summer more because… 

 When it’s too hot, you sweat, And sweating is really great for improving the health of your skin.

I Love Parmesan Cheese




Parmesan cheese is the best cheese ever in my opinion. When the cheese goes in your mouth it tastes like the food you like the best. Whatever I eat, I will eat it with literally anything. Its flavor is every cheese 4mixed together. If I really don’t like a type of food, I just will add PARMESAN CHEESE and it will make it all better!     



Book club book (The Janitors Boy)

think everybody in the school is ACCEPTED accept for Jack. Jack is REJECTED The teacher caught him sticking gum on the bottom of the table so know he has to be on gum patrol. I think it is unfair for him to be on gum patrol because other kids also stick gum on the bottom of the tables and they don’t have to do it.

Star girl

Star girl had less power than Hillary because she acted different from everyone else and Hillary didn’t but now Star Girl went to a football game and started dancing which made everybody happy and lot’s of people didn’t go. Now lot’s of people go because of  Star Girl so I think Star Girl not only make other people happy she also got the people who worked there get a lot of money.

Book club book

David can’t control himself without his rules. One reason he can’t control himself without his rules is he writes down his rules on purpose. He writes them down because he then follows his rules. If he writes down his rules and doesn’t follow them he will behave EVEN WORSE than he does right now!!! David writes his rules not so he will just through out his rules, he uses them. After EVERYTHING I have wrote (and read) I think David is spoiled.



Book clubs: Rules – jot one

David can’t control himself. I think this is leading to a social issue of some sort he has. But I also think sometimes he can act good and not act like he has a issue. I think David can’t control himself.  He can’t control himself because of his problems. One detail is he needs rules to remind himself how to behave. Another detail is without his rules he doesn’t know how to behave. After everything I have wrote, I think he has problems.