Monthly Archives: December 2017

Jazz Band… (will I join or not???????????????????

This year I had a choice to go to jazz band and I wanted my brother to check it out and see if he liked it or not so he went. A few months later, he said I don’t like it so much so I don’t think I will go but……….. I MIGHT CHANGE MY MIND??? My thought of me going to jazz band and performing on stage is a yes but also a no so it’s 51 percent yes and 49 percent no.

My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport of all is …………………….SOCCER!!!!!. My second to favorite sport is Basketball although I barely never get to play it except for in school. I have started playing goalie when I was 4 years old. I still like goalie but I am starting to like striker. Great, now I it’s winter and I can’t practice because when there’s no snow, I don’t have any time to play so I guess i’l have to wait until spring. I don‘t know if I should keep practicing goalie (which I am really good at)or play striker. I don’t really want to be both because that would be to hard because I would practice one and the other but in games IT’S ONE POSITION!!! What will I do???


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