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Rube Goldberg Blog post #4

I learned lots of stuff during this project! I learned that my concentration and patience really comes in handy. We had to set all the dominoes up a lot of times. That was the hardest part. Also, if we set up the dominos a lot, we will get VERY frustrated and we will get bored with this project VERY fast. Lets hope we won’t have to set it up a lot of times



When I came to my partners house I brought around 35-40 dominos and we were building and building with them but we actually needed more. Then, I got 55 more dominos and my partner and I still don’t know if that’s going to be enough but we do hope that is going to enough. In all that is around 95-100 dominos. We need all these dominos because our RubeGoldberg project is mostly going to be all Dominos.



My partner and I are adding on to the RubeGoldberg project. Also, we finished OUR SKETCH!!! We were zooming past the project when suddenly we hit a bump and we couldn’t thiink of anything else. We finally came up with something so we built it and tested it out but it didn’t work out at all. Then we had to take it off and think of something else.

Rube Goldberg #1

We are doing a Rube Goldberg project with a partner. A Rube Goldberg is something that has chain reaction in it. It requires a sketch and plenty of tries. For me and my partner, I think we will need around 50 tries until it works successfully. Here is a RubeGoldberg Gif.