Capstone is a project where you work independantly on a topic you really enjoy working on. Capstone is passion project times two. How did we come up with our questions? We thought about our topic and we tried to find questions all around the topic. We had to grade our questions on a rubric. We were aiming for a three or a four. When I graded it, I thought my question was a four. We are starting our Capstone in the middle of our passion project because then we won’t have enough time to finish our capstone before the year ends. Most of the work is done in school. Very little work is done at home. First, you have to pick your topic. Then you have to pick a main inquiry question and some sub questions. My main inquiry question is,Why has cell phone use grown so quickly and how could we stop humans from being addicted to cell phones.┬áMy sub questions are who created the first cell phone and what inspired the person to do it, how long will cell phones be in use, how much time do humans need for one day on a cell phone, and finally why are cell phone apealing to humans.

At first, I had no idea at all what to do for capstone so that made me freak out and get scared alot. Our teacher said that our capstone could be our passion project topic, but your capstone has to include more information. Why is it so hard to just come up with the questions? It is hard because you start with a poster and you have to brainstorm as many questions as possible. I found questions together with a partner and we got eight altogether. I think I will be presenting with google slides.

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