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Capston Final

Yesterday after our moving up ceremony, we had to go down to our presenting spaces and we had to present to the audience. My mom told me that a trick was if I am feeling a little nervous, I should just pretend that everyone is naked and then it would not be so scary. Before I presented, I was pretty scared and was sweating a lot but when I was presenting, It wasn’t scary at all and I even enjoyed presenting my slifdeshow. This trick really helped me. I presented my capstone fourth. I hope lots of people liked my presentation. After I was done with my presentation, I was really happy that I presented and I was really proud of myself. In conclusion, I really enjoyed doing this project and I am looking forward to the next one.

Answering Main Inquiry Question

At the begining of the capstone process, we had to pick out our topic. I chose cell phone addiction because I am addicted to my cell phone and I wanted to see how to help myself. I also chose cell phone addiction because I thought it would be fun to study cell phone addiction. Then we had to fill out a document called “Capstone Search Terms” and we had to find useful databases and search terms. After that, we had to use our databases and we had to get research from our databases. After we finished all of our research, we thought if we wanted to do a ingnite presentation or a ted talk presentation. I chose ted talk because I didn’t want to be pressured. with the time part. I put most of my research in my script. The rest of my research went to my other blog post, CAPSTONE LEFTOVERS. After I finished my script, I had to memerize all of my script. Then I made little notecards that say the first few words of each box and I was just practicing from their. I practiced to my mom and brother and dad so much. I had so much fun throught my process and hope other people also loved it.



An average user checks his phone at least 110 times a day!

3 quarters of the students would rather forget their wallet than forget their phone!

Something is very addictive about the ping of a text.

All of the online addiction is causing more bullying.

There is a class that costs $705 and  all of the kids just sit there and are quietly scrolling, playing, or texting someone. Why would someone waist all that money so they could do something else and they will get no benefit.

Phubbing=The act of ignoring someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention to them.

Jeffrey buttler is a native californian who was born in silicon valley. Graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science. Software engineer.

Women is walking outside with 2 year old son and they are waiting for bus. Woman pulls out phone and starts playing games. Suddenly, hears loud crack, looks in the direction of the crack and finds son laying down bleeding because bus ran him over. Tried to bring to the hospital in time but to much blood left from his body. This only left the women weeping on the sidewalk.