Answering Main Inquiry Question

At the begining of the capstone process, we had to pick out our topic. I chose cell phone addiction because I am addicted to my cell phone and I wanted to see how to help myself. I also chose cell phone addiction because I thought it would be fun to study cell phone addiction. Then we had to fill out a document called “Capstone Search Terms” and we had to find useful databases and search terms. After that, we had to use our databases and we had to get research from our databases. After we finished all of our research, we thought if we wanted to do a ingnite presentation or a ted talk presentation. I chose ted talk because I didn’t want to be pressured. with the time part. I put most of my research in my script. The rest of my research went to my other blog post, CAPSTONE LEFTOVERS. After I finished my script, I had to memerize all of my script. Then I made little notecards that say the first few words of each box and I was just practicing from their. I practiced to my mom and brother and dad so much. I had so much fun throught my process and hope other people also loved it.


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