Monthly Archives: February 2019

Tech post #3

This week we learned a lot about self driving cars and that they require a lot of very complicated coding. Self driving cars need to make tough decisions and if the car makes a mistake, the price may be very severe. People don’t need self driving cars so I think people should focus something more serious.

Tech post #2

This week we learned about different types of games like bond breaker, and Phet. I learned alot about:Protons, Neutrons, and electrons. I had no idea we were going to learn about that. Technology has a lot of suprises and hope to see more fun ones.

Technology post #1

This week we were reveiwing machines and we did a really fun game called escape the room(we had to open 3 locks instead of escaping a room). It involved a lot of team work, spy work, and patience!!! First time playing the game. I hope we will be able to play again. In technology the machines are really cool. I am excited to use them. I have heard of the machine before but I have never saw or used it. I couldn’t believe that the sauter machine gets hotter than 900 degrees hotter.