Monthly Archives: March 2019

Tech #8

This blog post I will be discussing how I made my flashlight look like a strawberry!! I figured big black dots would make it look like a watermelon so I made little black dots because strawberries have little black dots. Big black dots would look like seeds of a watermelon. I am happy that at first everyone thought it was a watermelon because I improved on it.

Tech post #7

I colored my flashlight green on the top and red everywhere else. 1 out of 30 people said the flashlight looked like a watermelon. That was my first plan but after I saw somebody somebody else doing a watermelon and I didn’t want to copy anybody. So I made a strawberry. It doesn´t really look like a strawberry. Read my next blog to find out how I made it look likea strawberry.

Tech post #6

I finished my flash. Kirwin helped me more than half of the project so I “Technically” owe him my whole project but he is nice enough to give me my flashlight. I got to use the Drill Press for the first time. That’s not all. I also got to sauter my circuit. I was so much fun. I learned that sauter looks like metal. I used to think the sauter was the hot thingie. I enjoyed the project but I have to admit it was frusturated and overwhelming.

Tech Post #5

I finished my second and final switch. I wasn’t able to make my third switch. My second switch was this square. On the top of the square there is a cut out square. There is a rubber band at the top hot glued. There is tin foil on the bottom of the rubber band and on the bottom of the cardboard. You pull the rubber band down and wala!!!

Tech post #4

I finally started building something. I started building circuits. I finished one of them. It is called a blade switch. There usually is a popsicle stick and you pull it down. You glue tin foil on the popsicle stick and on the cardboard on the bottom. If you connect it to a light and then pull the switch down, the light will turn on.