Monthly Archives: February 2020

Blog Post #3

This week I measured the top and the bottom of my wood with 2 things: A normal ruler and a T-Square. The T-Square is basically a ruler but ten times bigger. It has no lines on it like a ruler does, and it helps with making a straight line. After I drew my lines which were 6 inches apart, I went to the mitre box saw and started cutting my wood. To be honest, it was A LOT harder than I thought it would be. The blades teeth kept on getting stuck in the wood and in the end, my hands were exhausted. Finally, we measured the length of the front/back and the 2 sides on another plank of wood and then we started cutting that. Overall, this week was the most fun and I wish to keep enjoying myself in Technology 7.



Week 2 Reflection

This is my second week of technology and I am having lots of fun. I made a TinkerCad design which was a keychain that said my name on it. I also took on the role as a designer and a builder. As a designer I designed my box which is 6 by 8 inches. After that as a builder I did a form that said what pieces of wood I needed. After that I used a hand planer. It was very satisfying to make wood curls. I learned that it is used to smooth a block of wood. It was the first time I ever used a wood planer and am excited to use it for my box project.

Blog post #1-Exploring wood tools

Yesterday I was practicing putting screws into the wood and making holes in the wood and I learned the best way to do that was to use the vise. First I would have to open the vise by turning it counter clockwise or otherwise left. After you would put the wood in, you would close or fasten it by turning it clockwise or in other words right. I realized that it is easier to make a hole with the actual screwdriver than the screw.